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The Deluxe Radio Theatre has been entertaining for years, young and old alike, under various names, however, The Theatre has recently re-opened for business.

The main three members of the band, Patrick Dege (Bass guitar, Five string bass), Jeff Garr (guitars and vox) and Del Tremens (keyboards, guitars and Lead Vox) have honed their musical talents and blended like a fine wine (served of course, in our lobby). Combining the theatre and the radio has served up a fine mixture of emotions, observations and razor-sharp wit, with a skewed, yet realistic view of the world around all of us. Throw in the promise of love and romance and you have arrived.

The Deluxe Radio Theatre brings together visions of the theatre, the sounds of the radio and does it all with a 4/4 beat.

Deluxe's latest release "The River And The Desert" is available now, as is their first self-titled release. Order them both today. Come to the Theatre and we'll provide the best seats in the house.


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