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The Deluxe Radio Theatre


Del Tremens (Keyboards, Guitars and Lead Vox)

Del Tremens was born in Detroit, Michigan many, many years ago and has lived there most of his life. After a brief stint in the Chicago area, he returned to the world of Motown to continue recording with The Deluxe Radio Theatre. A professionally trained keyboard player, he taught himself the guitar at the age of thirteen and has continued to play both instruments even since. He has been with Jeff Garr for many years, in different bands and finally has arrived on the stage with The Theatre. As lead vocalist and keyboardist for the band, he continues to thrive on the music, lyrics, content and the magic that is The Theatre.

When you think of The Deluxe Radio Theatre, think about the first three letters...
D E L!

Jeff Garr (Guitars and Vox)


Patrick Dege (Bass and 5-string Bass)


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